Lorena Rescues Blaze & Laila

Blaze thanks Lorena for rescuing him

We rescued our Blaze from the Ontario Humane Society last year. I had just rescued his sister a month before. The staff was incredibly helpful and loving. I still, to this day send them pictures of Blaze in his new home. I know how happy they are to know that he is So happy and loved beyond words!

Blaze and his sister Laila

Lorena Malone    


Gabriel & Christine

It has been almost a year since we adopted our Gabriel from you. We found out about 5 adorable puppies abandoned on the side of the road shortly after our Tasha crossed the rainbow bridge. It was a very sad time for us, as we had Tasha in our lives for 11 1/2 years. However, when we saw a picture of the beautiful little white fluffy puppies, we just knew we wanted one of them in our lives. We already knew we would name him Gabriel. I called quite often over the next three weeks and spoke with Laura, a very kind lady who I felt had become a Friend from all of our conversations about "our" "Gabriel". November 14, 2014 we were blessed to find out we could pick up our baby boy the next day. We were so excited on our long drive there to meet him!! Everybody was so kind and helpful. I can't thank you enough, Laura. You helped to fill a void in my heart. We also met one of the other new pup parents (Sulley) and keep in touch with them. Thank you so much for our little angel Gabriel. He is so precious and has a beautiful personality.

Christine Fitzsimmons    


The kitty Patrick

Hello! I wanted to give you a mini update on Patrick, who we adopted yesterday from your facility.

We have renamed him Rajah (after the tiger in Aladdin). Thanks to your wonderfully knowledgable staff, we were able to choose the cat that was the best fit for our family. The staff member I spoke with was incredibly well versed in all of the cats different personalities. Having done fostering and rescuing and adopting out myself in the past, I know how vital that information is when attempting to place a fur baby into their forever home.

Patrick walked out of his carrier as if he had lived with us the whole time. He has been very loving without being too needy and I can't tell you how tolerant he has been with my 2 small children, both of whom have never lived with a cat before (and are still learning the difference between how a dog likes to play and how a cat likes to play ). They both love him very much and he has taken a lot of man handling from them, all in stride. When he's had enough he just walks away.

Thank you again!!!

The kitty Patrick

Alison Hethcoat    
Gus and The Propester Family

Gus & The Propester Family

We adopted Gus last November. We had three dogs for several years and it worked well for us with the space we had and our schedules. After our oldest dog passed away, we felt the void left in our house and about ten months later decided we were ready and began looking to adopt. We went to Happy Tails, the staff there was excellent. We explained that we would be bringing a new dog into a household that already had two dogs. We told the staff what we were looking for and they suggested a few dogs for us to meet. Had they not urged us to meet our Gus we might have passed by him, writing him off as a dog that barks too much. He is a medium sized dog, a basset hound and wheaten terrier mix, with a big dog bark. Once outside of the kennel he was amazing, sweet and gentle. We brought our dogs in to meet him and they got along well. Almost a year later it was a match made in heaven. He was the perfect addition to our family. We were thankful the staff knew the dog personalities and were able to suggest Gus to us... We were thrilled with our experience and thankful the staff at Happy Tails is committed to finding the right homes for the animals there!

Amy Propester        

Linda Bruce, Hogan & Will, in support of Happy Tails

Linda Bruce and her dog Hogan

Hogan and I met for the first time at Happy Tails in October 2009. I had seen his photo in The Messenger and three months after the death of my Wire Fox Terrier, Charlie, felt the need for canine companionship once again. When I arrived at the Shelter, I fully expected him to have been adopted already, but, thankfully, there he was. A black, curly- topped Toy Poodle! He came over to me and the decisions were made! I left briefly to get his license and returned to take him home which he claimed for his own for the rest of his life.

After Hogan's passing in April 2015 and a few months later, we had a volunteer meeting at the Shelter. While visiting with the office Team, a little ginger-colored boy passed in front of my feet and I ended up with him in my lap, of all things. I had not, at this point, decided to have another in my life, so I gave it a few days, couldn't stop thinking of him, and then revisited the Shelter to bring home Mr. Wilson "Will", a Chihuahua/Pomeranian. 26 years plus of rescues (cats & dogs) and still counting! The words that come to mind are love, hope, joy, kindness, sadness, sweet smiles, but, most of all, Happy. My neighbor, Marilyn, says now that Will has arrived on the scene I am humming again!!

Linda Bruce        

Linda Bruce and her dog Hogan

We are so happy Ontario County Humane Society helped us adopt our dog, Charlie! They really care about their animals and want to find them the perfect home. Everyone was so helpful and it was obvious he had been well cared for and loved at the shelter. Charlie brings our family so much happiness! We can't imagine our family without him! Thank you Ontario County Humane Society for completing our family!

Amy McDermott        

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