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Boces Animal Sciences Program 2017. Boces Animal Sciences Program 2017.

Thank You Boces Animal Sciences Program - 6/4/16

We would like to send out a HUGE Thank You and Well Done to The Boces Animal Sciences Program, run by Sandy Hawkins and Amanda Venuti-Kanaley, for putting on their 3rd annual Tails on the Trail Pet Walk. Boces Animal Sciences Program.
This year the students raised $5425.52 which is being donated to the Ontario County Humane Society's Cruelty Investigation Fund to aid abused animals. Due to the students efforts this was the most successful fundraising friends event.

Boces Animal Sciences Program.
Our Senior class fund raisers.
Boces Animal Sciences Program.
Our Junior class fund raisers.
Tails on the Trail Top Fundraisers Mila Vega-Cruz and Xavia Miller.
A special congratulations goes out to Senior Mila Vega-Cruz from Geneva High School and Junior Xavia Miller from Dundee High. These two young ladies collected the most from their respective classes. Boces Animal Sciences Program.
Thanks to all of our participants!

Great News - 2/17/16

We are thrilled to announce, Pencil now Chance has been adopted. He will be completing his recovery with his new mom. He left on Saturday and has done very well over the weekend. His mom will be providing updates periodically on Chance, please check our Facebook page for updates. We would like to thank all of you for following his progress and for trying to assist us as much as possible in finding who set the trap and where he originally came from. At the time he came into the shelter he weighed in at 29 lbs. When he left he was a much healthier 40 lbs! He will need continued medical care and his mom is taking care of that. We know he will have a great life! Chance recovering well and in a new home.

**Warning** Graphic photo's. This is how Chance came to us at the shelter.

Face of the dog that was caught in a snare. Body of the dog that was caught in a snare.

Scared dog caught and is back home!

On 1/29/16 we received a call from Harrison Hicks and Jade Ahern that his brand new rescue dog (he had gotten only a few days prior) had gotten away from him. The dog was too scared to come home on her own. They requested our assistance. We came out and set a humane trap to help the owner catch the dog. After 5 days, with the help of The Ontario County Humane Society, Lost Dogs of the Fingerlakes, and the community Karma was safely in the trap and is now home.

Dog safely caught in a humane trap and ready to go home!

Jade Ahern wrote: "Thank you everyone for helping us with getting her to saftey! I was so worried that we would never catch her. This whole experience has made Harrison J Hicks and I fall in love with this town even more. Proud to be living in Honeoye!"

I can't believe I got my head stuck!

The officers working for the Ontario County Humane Society respond to all types of emergency situations. A HUGE thank you to the Phelps Fire Department for the quick response and assistance in rescuing a dog from an old tire. This hound mix must have found something very exciting under the tire to stick his head inside(Mouse Maybe?). Other efforts were made to extricate the dog but the Fire Department came to the rescue using the jaws of life shears to free the dog.

Dog with it's head stuck in a wheel Dog with it's head stuck in a wheel That was one relieved hound!

I can't look, tell me when it's over!

When this curious little kitty somehow crawled into a pipe and got stuck, the owners didn't know how to get him out! They called the Officers at the Ontario County Humane Society for assistance and once on site the extraction took just five minutes. Everyone, especially the kitty, was happy to have that adventure behind them.

Kitten stuck in a piece of pottery.

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